Process improvable

Coffee smells wonderfully, it is a lovely day outside and this morning‘s commute was much better than other days. Colleagues are gossiping (a little) in the crowded kitchen, talking about the jobs that have to do today, and agreeing on priorities. Who will talk to this customer, what time is that department meeting, when those goods are going leave the warehouse etc.

Early in the afternoon, the department meeting has been cancelled, no one has talked to that customer, and the goods are somewhere but nobody knows where exactly. Moreover, there are more pending payments, an invoice has been lost, and ERP has been "out" for the last hour. Everybody has come on the verge of collapse but prefer not to talk about it.

Common situation, isn’t it?

When expectations change, new technologies appear, competition becomes intense, work load increases, the need for operation processes improvement is present.

There are formal and informal processes. All affect various activities within the organisation: customer service, production, HR development, IT etc. No matter which process asks for review, process improvement follows a particular path.

  • examine whether there is need for change
  • assess existing process
  • secure top management’s commitment and support
  • design improvement strategy
  • Processes constant monitoring is necessary to proactively identify those that have to be reviewed.

    The ones that must be corrected now are in the top of the list, and characterized as high priority.

    The constant search for new methods and tools to improve processes create efficient and profitable businesses.

    Run your business wisely!